Summer Reading Club

About the Summer Reading Club

The Summer Reading Club is a free program offered by public libraries across the province. Each summer, approximately 85 000 children participate by signing up for reading records and/or joining in the weekly programs that promote literacy and a love of reading.  Studies show that summer reading clubs motivate kids to read regularly, so they help to maintain or improve reading skills while school is out. They make reading fun, too.  Kids may read whatever they like, wherever they wish.

All school-aged children are welcome to join.  We encourage every child of every reading ability to open a book that is perfect for them!

The theme for 2017 will be:SRC2017-poster-EN

More information will be coming soon!


UNATTENDED CHILDREN POLICY: The Squamish Public Library welcomes children to attend programs and to use the library to the fullest. However, Library staff cannot assume responsibility for supervising children when a program is not in session. Parents and/or guardians should be aware that the library is a public place and, as such, is open to all members of the community. Therefore, children should not be left unattended on the premises.