Summer Reading Club

SRC2016_logo_clrPlease take a few minutes to complete our SRC survey.  This is a province wide survey which will help when looking at funding future provincial reading programs.  The survey will be open until September 30th.

Thanks in advance for your input.

About the Summer Reading Club

The Summer Reading Club is a free program offered by public libraries across the province. Each summer, approximately 85 000 children participate by signing up for reading records and/or joining in the weekly programs that promote literacy and a love of reading.  Studies show that summer reading clubs motivate kids to read regularly, so they help to maintain or improve reading skills while school is out. They make reading fun, too.  Kids may read whatever they like, wherever they wish.

How to Join

Come to the children’s area of the library and ask one of our friendly summer reading club staff to sign up. (If they are not there, ask at the front desk.)  Even if you are going away for most of the summer, encourage your child(ren) to read and fill in their reading record(s).  They can still have fun keeping track of their reading.

All school-aged children are welcome to join.  We encourage every child of every reading ability to open a book that is perfect for them!

Weekly Programs Begin July 5th!

Join us for book-talks, games, crafts, and other fun summer activities around our summer theme of Book A Trip at our summer programs, which your child can attend once a week.

Summer Reading Club Calendar of Events & Programs

Week Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Saturday

Week 6

(Under the Sea)

August 9th

6-8 year olds


August 10th

9-12 year olds


August 11th

6-8 year olds


August 13th

6-12 year olds


Week 7

(Travel the World)

August 16th

6-8 year olds


August 17th

9-12 year olds


August 18th

6-8 year olds


August 20th

6-12 year olds


Week 8

(Awards Ceremony and Lee Edwards)

August 23rd

6-12 year olds



By invitation

August 24th

6-12 year olds


Lee Edward Fodi visit


How to Register:

Weekly registration for these FREE Summer Reading Club programs will take place starting at 10am on the Friday before each program. This will give every child a chance to attend the Summer Reading Club Programs.

By Phone: Call the Summer Reading Club staff at (604) 892 3110 ext. 5312.

By Email: Send an email to with your child’s or children’s names,  ages, and a phone number where you can be reached during the program. You will receive a confirmation email to say your child is registered.

In Person: Visit the Summer Reading Club desk in the Children’s section of the library, or the front desk.

ImportantOnce you have joined the Summer Reading Club and received your  reading record you will still need to register each week for our weekly programs.

Get on our email list to find out about more special events as they are scheduled!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my child can’t update their record every week? 

Just come when you can. We will update your child’s reading record and give them catch-up stickers.

Can we register for programs online?

You are welcome to email us at with your child’s name, age and a phone number where you can be reached during the program. You will receive a confirmation email when your child is registered. Or, call us at 604 892 3110 ext. 5312. You can also sign up at the library.

Do we only have to read books from the library? 

Absolutely not!  Your child may record any books that they read over the summer.

How does my child win prizes? What are the prizes?

Each week that your child comes to the library to update their reading record, they will be entered into our weekly draw prize. Prizes include books, passes to Brennan Park, t-shirts, and other cool gear.

The Squamish Public Library Summer Reading Club is sponsored by the British Columbia Library Association and your local public library with the funding from the Public Library Services Branch, Ministry of Education, as well as generous businesses throughout the community. Please  check out our sponsor  ‘Thank You’ wall in the children’s section of the library.

UNATTENDED CHILDREN POLICY: The Squamish Public Library welcomes children to attend programs and to use the library to the fullest. However, Library staff cannot assume responsibility for supervising children when a program is not in session. Parents and/or guardians should be aware that the library is a public place and, as such, is open to all members of the community. Therefore, children should not be left unattended on the premises.

For additional fun, visit the Kids’ Summer Reading Club website for colouring pages, web quizzes, and more.