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April 4th – May 1st, 2017


Walls: Scandinavia Wolf Designs: Kristy Hansen, ‘A Peace of Calm’,
Canvasses: acrylic with hand-stitched yarn,
Jewelry for your Walls: decorated foraged wood,
1 Case: gemstone precious metal jewelry with handmade wooden beads

2 Cases & North Walls:
11th Annual Fundraiser Exhibit, ‘Friends of Foyer’, various media
Friend of Foyer Gala: May 1st, 6:00–8:00 p.m.

Scandinavia Wolf Designs 

By Toby Jaxon

Foyer Gallery Curator


Tranquility and Harmony

Artist Kristy Hansen, of Scandinavia Wolf Designs, is a self-described natural minimalist utilizing graceful elements (such as wood, stone, wool and leather) in their innate, ecological and unassuming colour palette. At the Foyer Gallery, Hansen’s April exhibit, ‘A Peace of Calm’, mingles gemstone precious metal with handmade wooden beads, acrylic/hand-stitched yarn canvases and decorated foraged wood transformed into jewelry for your walls!
“My creative stimulation from this series comes largely from the world around us. With all the controversy in the news, natural disasters and digital noise in general, I wanted to create a departure for people. A peace piece of calm. Something that can perhaps send you into a daydream and soothe the busy mind.”, says Hansen who is broadly inspired by nature, architecture and design that combines natural elements, raw materials and textiles.
This exhibit projects tranquility and harmony, connecting the viewer with those moments where one can breathe in nature’s beauty. The paintings involve smooth colour gradients amidst stark contrasting shades along with subtle embroidered embellishments.
Although Hansen has been creating since she was young it wasn’t until a few years ago that she started to turn her artful designs into a business and then after her recent move to Squamish her inspiration became stronger. “I think that this peaceful, calming place has given me the ability to hear my thoughts more clearly and help pass along the feeling that this beautiful place inspires in me…
my creative process comes from something I need in my own life at the time I am creating the work. I’m not generally conscious of exactly what it is until I am well into it. I need to dig deep to truly figure out the meaning behind my art. After doing so it clicks and all makes sense”, declares Hansen.
She also loves exploring and is passionate about anything to do with the outdoors, especially if it means a chance to find a special branch or stone.
Utilizing her fashion design background, Hansen also has dreams of creating her own artistic textiles incorporated into her own clothing line or to collaborate with other designers.

In two of the cases and on the north wall the 11th Annual Fundraiser Exhibit is also on display this month with over 30 artworks donated by ‘Artists of the Gallery’. Come and feast your eyes on wonders of weaving, pottery, painting, photography, jewelry and sculpture. With a $50 donation, sponsors receive an invitation to the Foyer Gallery Soiree where your name is entered into a draw for these pieces of hand crafted original artwork. The artful samplings, valued at hundreds of dollars, are up for grabs in the exciting art draw at the Foyer Fundraiser Gala held on May 1st, 6-8 p.m. at the library. Shhhh…this event is the best kept secret for art enthusiasts in Squamish!
Sponsorship Forms available at the library or on-line: Foyer Gallery Sponsorship

“Foyer Gallery Friends” Sponsorship,
Mail forms to The Squamish Public Library or drop off at the Library front desk.
Forms received by April 30th get into a special early-bird draw.

The Foyer Gallery is located in the entrance to the Squamish Public Library. Purchases can be made through the staff.


Mon Tue Wed Thu 11am–8pm

Fri 10am–5pm

Sat Sun 10am–4pm

Upcoming Foyer Gallery Shows

May 2 – June 5 Walls: Andrea Mueller, ‘The Time Time Stood Still’, mixed media
Cases: Karen Yaremkewich, ‘Mirror, Mirror – Snow White’, up-cycled fairy tale fashion & mosaic mirrors
June 6– July 10

Walls: Dawna Werbeski, ‘Eclectica, a Reflection on Phases’, acrylic & mixed media paintings

Cases: Squamish Nation Group Exhibit, ‘Aboriginal Celebration’, mixed media, + on slat wall

July 11 – Aug 7

Walls: Lila Gaudry, ‘Layers’, textile art and acrylic paintings

Cases: Shirlee Lewis, ‘Nature, Prints & Process’, mixed media, etchings/wood block/lino

August 8 – September 4

Walls & Cases: Oriana Rollo, ‘Bloom’, acrylic paintings & jewelry (1 case)

Cases: Judy McQuinn, Same Music Different Dance’, jewellery and stained glass (2 cases)

September 5 – October 2

Walls: Bob Brant, ‘Wonders of Salmon, Forest & Nature’, photography on metal

Cases: Lisa Elbertsen, pottery and felted crochet

October 3 – October 30

Walls: Sean Clayton, ‘Psychedelic Landscapes’, pen drawings & acrylic paintings

Cases: Tamsin Miller & Penelope Kalopisi Kennedy, ‘Rhythms of Nature’, weaving

October 31 – November 27:

Walls: Mo & Tony Rainbow, ‘Families in Parks/Landscapes’, oil/acrylics/photography

Cases: Sea to Sky Potters Guild, ‘Raku’, pottery                  

November 28 – January 1
Artisan Holiday Celebration
Artisan Displays, Live Music, Art Demos, baking!
Friday December 1st, 1 – 5pm

Saturday December 2nd, 10am to 4pm
Sunday December 3rd, 10am to 3:30pm
Walls: Maureen Brown, oil paintings
Cases: Group Show Artisan Shop, mixed media

Call for Artists

The Foyer Gallery at the Squamish Public Library is a contemporary space dedicated to the exhibition of excellent artwork. It is located in the entrance to the Squamish Public Library. Purchases can be made through the staff. The gallery supports large wall works as well as smaller works suitable for display in three elegant glass display cases. Submissions from artists in all disciplines are invited or future juried exhibitions in the Foyer Gallery at the Squamish Public Library. We are booking now for the 2017/2018 season.

Application form for displaying your artwork are available at the Squamish Public Library or download the form here.

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