Lifelong Membership – Library Membership is for All Stages of Life

Updated 2015/01/30

Lifelong Membership is Encouraged!

Submitted by Kate Inman, Children’s Librarian at the Squamish Public Library

One of the most exciting things about working in the children’s department of the Squamish Public Library is watching children as they grow from babies to children to teens and finally to young adults.  We might first meet a child when they attend a books and babies storytime with their parents.   They work their way through our preschool storytime programs and then they continue coming into the library once they’ve started school.  They might join our Summer Reading Club every summer or be part of the Reading Link Challenge once they are in grade 4 or 5.  Once they become teens, they can become part of our teen library club and gain volunteer hours.

As young adults, they will hopefully continue to use their library card regularly.   Library membership is life-long, and being an active library user is a very helpful part of being a literate and thoughtful citizen.

Holly Read is well on her way to being a life-long library user.  At 10 years old, Holly is a great example of someone who has made the most of her free library membership.   Holly has written a short piece on what the Squamish Library means to her.

Holly Read

Holly Read, Library Patron

My name is Holly and I am 10 years old. I have been going to Squamish Public Library since I was 9 months old. My Mom used to take me to Storytime every week until I started going to school.

I still go to the library during school time to get audio books, DVDs, and books. In the summer time I did the Summer Reading club programmes. I enjoyed the games and the leaders reading to us. Each year I have participated there has been a different theme and my favourite was last summer when the theme was “funny business.”

Last year I did the Reading Link Challenge, which I am also participating in again this year. I really like the books we have to read and my favourite so far this year is The One And Only Ivan. I was on the team for my school last year which took part in the Challenge competition that is organized by the library. It was great fun even if our team didn’t win.

I really enjoy reading books and also listening to them. One of my favorite series that I have listened to has been the Harry Potter books and I love reading Tintin books.

It is nice that our library has such great choices of books and fun programmes and events for me and other kids to take part in.

Holly is just one of many familiar young faces we see regularly at the library and in our programs.  Over the years she has become a very competent library user.  It’s great to see, and it will serve her well in life. We are looking forward to seeing her in the Teen Library Club in a few years!