The Library is Fine-Free!


Great news: Squamish Public Library is now fine-free!

We are no longer charging for overdue items and we have eliminated existing late fines.


Why go fine-free?

Late fines are a barrier to library access and a common reason why people stop using the library. In our research of other libraries that eliminated late fines, we learned that people who had stopped using the library because of late fines returned, there was no significant changes in the return rate of borrowed material, and there was an increase in library users.


What happens if I don’t return my items on time?

Although we aren’t charging late fines, we do want our items back! You’ll be notified when an item becomes overdue and you can continue to borrow items up to 21 days after the due date.

If you have an item overdue for more than 21 days, your account will be temporarily blocked from borrowing and a replacement fee will be added to your account. Once the overdue item is returned, you can borrow items again, the replacement fee will be removed and no late fines will be charged.


Will I still have to pay for other fees?

If you’re unable to return an overdue item or an item is returned damaged, there is a replacement fee.


Won’t the library lose money from eliminating late fines?

Revenue from late fines has been steadily decreasing over the past few years, and we have had to adjust our budget to accommodate this trend. The cost is small compared to the fact that we were losing many patrons due to late fines.


But I’d like to support the library by paying my fines!

Thank you for supporting us! If you’d like to contribute to the Squamish Public Library, you can donate online. As a registered charity, we can issue tax receipts for donations.