Strategic plan


Everyone’s trusted choice for inspiration, information and connection.


To connect the community to the world of learning, discovery and creativity


We strengthen and support our community by connecting individuals and organizations through our resources and services.

Literacy & learning

We advocate lifelong learning and intellectual freedom, and champion reading and information literacy as skills essential to personal and professional success.


We provide access to a diverse collection of popular, educational and historical resources, in print and online, in a welcoming and safe environment.


Everyone is a VIP at the Squamish Public Library, irrespective of age, background or beliefs.


We stay true to our roots but also plan for the future, and continuously adapt through ongoing assessment and professional development.


Our vision is to be everyone’s trusted choice for inspiration, information and connection. To work towards realizing that vision, in 2015-2019 staff and trustees will focus on:

  • Inspiring new and current patrons

The Squamish Public Library is about more than just books; we also offer innovative, inspiring programming and services that strengthen our roles as a community hub and place of creative learning. Our staff are encouraged and empowered to learn and to try new technologies and work processes.

  • Reaching everyone

We proactively recruit new memberships through outreach, by pursuing new partnerships, and by nurturing those which already exist.

  • Creating a culture of assessment

We will ask people how we’re doing and how we can do better. We will learn, and act on what we learn. In so doing, we will gain people’s trust.

  • Providing access to reliable information in a neutral and confidential setting

Our staff are prepared to provide expert research and technology assistance, online and in person, finding, evaluating and utilizing a variety of reliable resources.


Inspiring new and current patrons

Objective: By 2019, the community room will be used every day for inspirational activities and will be accessible to the public for use as a work space, quiet space and creative space

Objective: By 2019, 30 new inspiring programs and services will have been implemented


Reaching everyone

Objectives: By 2019, library activity (including memberships, circulation, visitors, and program attendance) will be up by 15% from 2014 figures

Objective: By 2019, community members will be able to interact with the Library through an increased number of access points, in person and virtually

Objective: By 2019, underserved populations will feel welcome at the Library and will be able to find resources relevant to their interests and needs within our collection

Objective: By 2019, the Squamish Public Library will be recognized within the community as a trusted source for inspiration, information and connection


Creating a culture of assessment

Objective: By 2019, staff will regularly set goals for themselves, be able to show their progress towards these milestones, and share their insights about what we can do better

Objective: By 2019, 10% of the population will respond to the biannual community survey

Objective: By 2019, we will be able to point to 15 substantive changes we made in response to feedback


Access to reliable information in a neutral and confidential setting

Objective: By 2019, use of our reference services and our physical and online collections will have both increased significantly, and we can demonstrate taxpayers’ return on investment via an online ROI calculator