Transferring eBooks to an eReader (Kobo, Nook or other compatible device)

Step 1: Setup Adobe Digital Editions

Install Adobe Digital Editions
• From your computer, visit Adobe Digital Editions
• Download Adobe Digital Editions 4.5 for either Macintosh or Windows, depending on your computer
• Follow the onscreen instructions

Create an Adobe ID
• Once Adobe Digital Editions is open, click Help at the top of the screen
• Click Authorize Computer
• Click Create an Adobe ID in the Authorization window
• Follow the onscreen instructions

Authorize your computer with Adobe Digital Editions
• Click Help at the top of the screen
• Click Authorize Computer
• Fill in your Adobe ID

Authorize your Kobo with Adobe Digital Editions
• Connect your Kobo to your computer using the USB cable
• Tap Connect on your Kobo
• In Adobe Digital Editions, click the gear icon on the top-left corner beside Kobo eReader
• Click “Authorize Device…”
• Follow the onscreen instructions


Step 2: Access eBooks on OverDrive

Login to Overdrive through Library2Go
• From your computer, visit Library2Go (OverDrive)
• Click the green “Sign in” button in the top right corner
• Select “Squamish Public Library” from the drop down list
• Enter your library card number
• Click the green “Sign In”

Find a book you would like to borrow
• Browse or search for eBooks you want to borrow
• Click on the cover of a book to read more about it
• Once you find a book, Click the green “Borrow” button
• Click the blue “Download EPUB ebook” button

Open the book in Adobe Digital Editions
• Go to your Downloads folder
• Find the downloaded eBook and double click to open it
• It will automatically open in Adobe Digital Editions


Step 3: Move the eBook to your Kobo

• Make sure your Kobo is connected to your computer
• In Adobe Digital Editions, click Library at the top of the screen
• Click All Items under the Bookshelves menu
• Click on your new book and drag it to Kobo listed on the left side under Devices
• Eject your Kobo from the computer and unplug the USB cable




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