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November 5th – December 2nd, 2019

    Walls: Tonnja Kopp, Nature is My Motif’, acrylic & oil paintings 

Cases: Cathryn Atkinson, ‘Bearing In Mind’, glass, fossil and gold mosaics

Artist’s Reception: Thursday, November 14th, 6-8:00pm


By Toby Jaxon
Foyer Gallery Curator



Simple Bear Necessities


It’s simple. Painter Tonnja Kopp wants to captivate you as a viewer. She wants to draw you into a magical moment. Into a view of shifting fog as it hangs between trees and scrubs. ‘Nature is My Motif’ is a series of fall impressions filled with the raw, heavy but beautiful melancholy days in the autumn season. Wafts of grey hazy patches hang in the air, blurring your vision. Kopp’s unique compositions of misty forests in astounding light conditions force you to stop and let your imagination run wild.

Originally from Switzerland, Kopp is passionate about being surrounded by mountains. She says, “Wandering and hiking around in higher subalpine and the lower alpine zone. Exiting the forest and entering the alpine meadows, just around the treeline – simply beautiful – one of my happy places.”

Kopp works mostly from photographs but then simplifies her designs as well as making changes or additions with composition, colour and shape.

“Nature is my motivation and my motif. BC provides such wonderful landscape and wildlife. Surrounded by forests and mountains I feel the most alive and automatically inspired by the beauty around me. Nature’s perfect balance, even if it’s not noticeable on first sight, rubs off on me and I feel the need to paint it on canvas,” she says. For deeper creative stimulation Kopp divulges, “Bears have been my favourite animal ever since I can remember and appear often in my work. I’m particularly drawn to their raw strength, sheer size and power, which is in direct contrast to their playful and tranquil demeanor.”

As a mixed media artist, designer and visionary Kopp is in a constant state of

learning and exploring her craft. She isn’t worried about following rules if it means losing her own unique touch. She says, “I feel there’s a lot of an interpreter in me. I appreciate it if motifs are recognizable. For my own art, it doesn’t have to be perfectly reproduced but I love it when I manage to simplify my images without taking the spirit away.”

Filled with gratitude, Kopp has started to live her passion for art and for the past two years has been creating her own style trying to turn it into a living with goals of growth into a recognized fine artist.


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Mosaic artist Cathryn Atkinson presents ‘Bearing in Mind’, a collection of mosaic miscellany using new materials and techniques. Atkinson’s architectural and fine art mosaics are inspired by her love (and fear of) bears along with designing with confidence…and making the most of materials such as fossils, smalti glass, gold and marble. Atkinson is interested in building on ancient patterns and themes and bringing them forward to today. She likes creating pretty things!

“I’m mainly self-taught, though I have studied with masters Luciana Notterni and Ariana Gallo (Ravenna, Italy) and Emma Biggs (London, UK). My creative process is to study ancient works and modern techniques as I develop my own storytelling through the medium,” she admits. Atkinson is inspired by connecting. Thanks to social media she has bonded with international mosaic artists that are interested in political expression and social activism including Jim Bachor (Chicago), Toyoharu Kii (Japan), Rosanna Fattorini (Ravenna) and Julie Sperling (Ontario).

Atkinson started making mosaics 20 years ago while living in England working as a journalist. Her curiosity came out of doing a story on UK Roman mosaics. Since then her art pieces have evolved as she works at improving her techniques and building on her understanding of how the materials can be used, learning more about texture, colour, design and balance. Grout is the final piece in the puzzle that simply unites, bringing everything together.

Atkinson, a passionate screenwriter, has a very long list of interests. She says, “I would like to make large-scale projects and would love to start a school/gallery along the lines of the Chicago Mosaic School, the best of its kind in North America. I think the former is achievable, the latter is a little more difficult.”

Atkinson’s mosaic hangings and ‘beary’ nice stepping stone are priced for Christmas giving!


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You are invited to the Artist’s Reception:

Thursday, November 14th, 6-8:00pm

All humans welcome! (no bears allowed)


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