Foyer Gallery

April gallery


April 3rd – May 6th, 2018


South Walls: Nicole Chomechko, ‘The Space Between’,

acrylic & resin paintings


Cases & North Walls:

12th Annual Fundraiser Exhibit, ‘Friends of Foyer’, various media

Friends of Foyer Gala: May 6th, 6:00–8:00 p.m.


Space and Time

By Toby Jaxon
Foyer Gallery Curator

On the south walls abstract painter Nicole Chomechko presents her acrylic and resin on canvas series entitledThe Space Between’, inspired by polarities and contrasts existing within natural landscapes. Chomechko exploits the use of adjacencies. She uses deep, cool colours juxtaposed contrasting white to emphasize light in constrained yet distinct, fluid compositions that lead your eye to specific elements within each painting.

Chomechko says, “My creative stimulation for this series was an emphasis on white space and how everything flows out from this space of potential,” and admits that she is passionate about experiencing life from a place of curiosity (whether that’s being outside in nature, traveling or reading a book) looking for a shift in perspective.

Chomechko’s fascination began at a young age while watching her father create as an airbrush artist but she only started painting several years ago. Even in this short period of time Chomechko has experienced a noticeable evolution in her work. “The more time I spend painting the less rigid I become in my process. I’ve started to feel a more natural flow to my work this year,” she says. Her compositions are created with a wet in wet procedure that is initially poured by design but then cultivated by means of directed air movement to manipulate a limited palette of darker colour producing the watery effects. Up to this point Chomechko has been blowing through a straw to direct the flow but she is considering getting an air-compressor as she runs out of breath working on larger canvasses. Finally, her last step is to apply a finish coat of environmentally friendly high-gloss epoxy resin clear coat that reinforces the ‘liquid imagery’ and makes her paintings pop!

Chomechko declares, “I love how each piece I create allows me to reveal a new idea or process within it. I hope to further discover new ways to combine colors and texture with acrylic painting.”

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In the cases and on the north wall the 12th Annual Fundraiser Exhibit is also on display this month with over 40 artworks donated by ‘Artists of the Gallery’. Come and feast your eyes on wonders of weaving, pottery, painting, photography, prints, jewelry and sculpture. With a $50 donation, sponsors receive an invitation to the Foyer Gallery Soiree where your name is entered into a draw for these pieces of hand crafted original artwork. The artful samplings, valued at hundreds of dollars, are up for grabs in the exciting art draw at the Foyer Fundraiser Gala held on Sunday, May 6th, 6-8 p.m. at the library. This year we have a note-worthy donation of a lithograph print by celebrated Canadian artist Robert Genn along with numerous donations from well-known local artists.

Shhhh…this event is the best kept secret for art enthusiasts in Squamish!

Sponsorship Forms available at the library or on-line here:

Mail forms to the Squamish public library or drop off at the library front desk. Don’t delay!

Call for Artists

The Foyer Gallery at the Squamish Public Library is a contemporary space dedicated to the exhibition of excellent artwork. It is located in the entrance to the Squamish Public Library. Purchases can be made through the staff. The gallery supports large wall works as well as smaller works suitable for display in three elegant glass display cases. Submissions from artists in all disciplines are invited for future juried exhibitions in the Foyer Gallery at the Squamish Public Library. We are booking now for the 2018/2019 season.

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