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July 11th – August 7th, 2017

Walls: Lila Gaudry, ‘Layers’, textile art and acrylic paintings

Cases: Shirlee Lewis, ‘Paper Pleasures’, collages and etchings

Opening Reception: July 11th, 6-8pm

By Toby Jaxon
Foyer Gallery Curator

Foyer Artists July 2017

A Strata of Levels, Seams and Layers

While they may seem disparate at first glance, Lila Gaudry exhibits ‘Layers’, a fusion of mixed fiber textile collages and acrylic paintings, that are in fact quite similar in their earthy palette, layered construction and contemporary abstract style, forming a narrative presented in a nonlinear way.
This spring Gaudry completed a two-year Certificate in Painting at Emily Carr University with the intent of finding a way to add another medium into her textile work, exploring how paint and fiber can interact; and discovering new ways that materials can inform a subject. “My inspiration has largely been personal experiences that have left we wanting to record, in some creative way, a synthesis of that moment or place or emotion or experience”, says Gaudry who has been gradually moving toward the abstract.
Her ‘Door Series’ of paintings grew from many years of being intrigued by beautiful portals around the world, seemingly a historical or creative statement reflecting humour or individuality from the people who created or owned them. Gaudry says, “I found myself exploring different threads of what doors symbolize and what they represent on an abstract level. I love the tension that the physical presence of a door sets up. The ideas of entrance, greeting and welcoming versus departure, denial and obstacles are inherent in a door.” Her ‘Textile Series’ are snapshots of experiences: seeing the light through the trees on an early morning walk, a restless night, a yoga class… Each one is material and process rich, ultimately evoking thoughts of fond memories.
“My process can be a bit cerebral. When something intrigues me, I tend to spend time with it in my head. I make lists, I look at pictures, I read, I think and I try narrow down what it is that I am drawn to. Sometimes its an idea like the twisted paths we take to get somewhere…”, says Gaudry. She admits that often this phase can take months and only then does she start to pull together inspirational materials and sketch out designs before eventually picking a medium and then diving in, often changing directions along the way.

In the cases Shirlee Lewis presents ‘Paper Pleasures’, a medley of collages; dry point etchings; several contemporary ritual objects and a sampling of hand made paper, printing plates, tools and materials.
The sensual beauty and invisible strength of hand made paper along with it’s contrasting surfaces of texture and inclusions has inspired her work in paper casting and sculpture. Lewis has had a focussed career in Hand Made Paper for 30 years along with a broad interest in all of the Fibre Arts…plus it doesn’t hurt that for many of those years she owned a production paper mill on Salt Spring Island.
She affirms, “The stimulation for this exhibition was the library itself. As a place of learning it was my goal to mount a body of work that demonstrates the creative versatility of paper, a humble material that we take so much for granted. Paper is, after all, the foundation of the library and the vehicle of learning. This work honours the material.”
For her miniature collages, creative stimulation can be sparked by a single word or short phrase and most often upon finding a small curiosity or peculiar object.
The layering inherent in these contemplated mixtures invites a closer look in search of the underlying story.
Lewis, a newcomer to Squamish, has taught frequently and exhibited widely. Her work, for this first exhibition at the Foyer Gallery, represents some of her distinct and favourite creative expressions.

Meet the artists at their opening reception on Tuesday, July 11 from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Squamish Public Library.


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