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foyer gallery june 2018


June 5th  – July 2nd, 2018


Artist’s Reception: Saturday, June 16th, 1pm-2pm


Walls: Pepe Hidalgo, ‘Pulling the String’, figurative, acrylic on canvas


Cases and slat wall: Lynda Maximenko, ‘ONE THREAD AT A TIME:

From the backs of sheep, the cocoon of the silk worm and the discoveries of thrift store sleuthing A FABRIC IS CREATED’,

WOVEN: shawls, beaded scarves, ponchos, leg warmers, neckers, small wall hangings, blanket & pillow



Strings and Threads

By Toby Jaxon, foyer gallery curator


A classic artist adapting to the moment, Pepe Hidalgo presents ‘Pulling the String’, a series of figurative acrylic canvasses fleeing from a touch of realism, a tad of surrealism and a ton of odd and awesome. A closer look identifies the use of circular marks, points, dots, and bubbles, acting as “an agglutinating material in a vacuum, such as atoms which form all materials”. His colours are solemn and other times electric.

Hidalgo’s exposition is the result of his interest and fascination with the string theory. He utilizes a distinct element present in the majority of his work — a string or cord which acts as “the umbilical cord that unites him to the universe and allows him to time travel back and forth as it supports his weight and pulls him back into reality”.


Hidalgo was raised in Spain where his artistic process started as a child during frequent visits to the Museo del Prado in Madrid. He painted his first oil painting at 13 years old and went on to study form, colour, and perspective individually in detail, all three aspects juxtaposed in his current paintings. He says, “My broad inspirations are life, it’s my interpretation of life’s events, the past and discoveries in life”.


Hidalgo’s paintings have evolved toward a loose figurative and a narrative abstract with a complex theoretical creative process. “In this exhibit my objective is to make sense of a space, in which different systems live together without necessarily being related,” says Hidalgo.


Hidalgo is presently living and working in Metro Vancouver. His work has been exhibited and is in private collections in Spain, Germany, Belgium, Canada, and Holland.


For more information contact:    604-358-4179


Artisan Lynda Maximenko exhibits a collection of weavings hangings both large and small in her show entitled ‘One Thread at a Time’ using an eclectic mixture of fibers: fleece from sheep, silk, bamboo, rayon, cotton, acrylic and thrift store finds. My creative stimulation for this series was to put together a collection that didn’t emphasize the cooler seasons. She admits to taking apart sweaters and incorporate them into her weavings. “I get inspiration from how all the incredibly creative people that are out there doing amazing things with fiber. At one time the only inspiration I got was from physically seeing the weavings or from books. Now with the internet the whole world is my inspiration,” she says.


Maximenko started weaving and spinning in 1975. She was a production weaver for about eight years, trained in an established Swedish style, following patterns and producing traditional creations. “Now, my exposure to new ideas and techniques has been nothing short of amazing. Once a year I go to a monastery and spin yarn, morning, noon and night with very talented spinners, and they have introduced me to techniques that did I not know existed,” she says. Eventually Maximenko took on other passions but always knew she would come back to weaving in her retirement.

Now where is she headed? “I feel like I am in a position to go any direction that I feel like pursuing in this life.  When I was a production weaver, I only kept weavings that did not sell.  Now, I am in a position to sell, give away, keep or donate whatever and whenever I want,” says Maximenko.


Maximenko is also very active in Dragon boating and spends three nights a week training and then participating in regattas over the summer…hence her interest in nutrition and how to eat for performance. Many say that she makes the best chocolate cake that they have ever had. Not mention that it’s gluten free! Come by to the opening and find out!



Here’s a plan…
Head downtown for the Saturday Farmers Market and then walk over to the library for the Artist’s Reception: Saturday, June 16th, 1:00-2pm


Call for Artists

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