Foyer Gallery


April 2nd – May 5th, 2019


South Walls: Cortez, ‘Narrow Escape: Avoiding the Rabbit Hole’,

abstract acrylic & mixed media paintings


Cases & North Walls:

13th Annual Fundraiser Exhibit, ‘Friends of Foyer’, various media

Friends of Foyer Gala: May 5th, 6:00–8:00 p.m.

In the cases and on the north wall the 13th Annual Fundraiser Exhibit is on display this month with over 50 artworks donated by ‘Artists of the Gallery’. Come and feast your eyes on wonders of weaving, pottery, painting, photography, prints, jewellery and sculpture. With a $50 tax-deductible donation, sponsors receive an invitation to the Foyer Gallery Soiree where your name is entered into a draw for these pieces of hand-crafted original artwork and prints. The artful samplings, valued at hundreds of dollars, are up for grabs in the exciting art draw at the Foyer Fundraiser Gala held on Sunday, May 5th, 6-8 p.m. at the library.

If you are a collector of local artists then view the multiple originals by Linda Wagner, Sonia Richardson, Jane Keyes, Wanda Doyle and Fran Solar!

Shhhh…this event is the best kept secret for art enthusiasts in Squamish!

Sponsorship Forms available at the library or on-line:

”Foyer Gallery Friends” Sponsorship,

Mail forms to The Squamish Public Library or drop off at the Library front desk.

Don’t delay!

Narrow Escape

By Toby Jaxon, Gallery Curator


On the south walls, abstract creator CORTEZ (aka Curtis Suave) presents his acrylic and mixed media canvas series entitled ‘Narrow Escape: Avoiding the Rabbit Hole’, inspired by his overflowing passion for sharing beauty.

For Cortez, there are no rules. He is proficient, multifaceted and determined to exhaust his creativity in voluminous amounts.

In the gallery installation, Cortez has included written words, thoughts or poems with each of his pieces. These are meant to give the viewer a stronger connection to the art and some insight into his contemplations.


Body Cell

Depending on the day,     

I feel trapped in this body, though I know I am everywhere.             

I can envision catching thermals and flying around with our Eagles that I see in the sky…or swimming with our Salmon.

A freeing feeling, as I am one with the dirt, as I was way before my birth.

There is no beginning and there is no end.                       

Flowers open and close.                            

I am everywhere, I can not pretend.


Cortez exploits the use of luminosity, colour and sheen in ways that makes you think that his canvasses are illuminated from within. They are worth a closer look. He admits, “As a purest-abstract artist, it is the composition and unruly textures with odd colour combinations that leaves most of my viewers baffled and hopefully in awe of the freedom that is harnessed in my art. It is exhilarating to be able to create with no purpose nor thought, just to create!”

Self taught, Cortez’s inspiration is lustful with no boundaries and his art is anything but conventional or predictable, but he thinks of himself as a normal creator in the sense that he strives to be continually learning, experimenting and infinitely improving, just like the rest of us!

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Media Release:

Cortez announces, “Mark it in your calendars, you’re not gonna want to miss this one! It’s all happening on Sunday, Cinco de Mayo, the last day of my exhibit at Foyer Gallery, in conjunction with their fundraiser Art Draw. My live art performance has been given permission and full support by the District of Squamish to ‘Cortez style art up’ the crosswalk on Second Avenue, in front of the Foyer Gallery/Library. Together, as a community (under the guidance of my design and flare) we will be celebrating this project of connecting our abundant balance of athleticism and artistry that uniquely unites us. Unite the untrite! It will be a fun, all day community event, not to missed.

Any volunteers and/or artist or entertainers who would like to get involved please email Cortez for more details:

Thanks to the DOS Public Art Committee for their generous support on this local collaborative project.



Call for Artists

The Foyer Gallery at the Squamish Public Library is a contemporary space dedicated to the exhibition of excellent artwork. It is located in the entrance to the Squamish Public Library. Purchases can be made through the staff. The gallery supports large wall works as well as smaller works suitable for display in three elegant glass display cases. Submissions from artists in all disciplines are invited for future juried exhibitions in the Foyer Gallery at the Squamish Public Library. We are booking now for the 2018/2019 season.

Artist’s request for displaying artwork is available at the Squamish Public Library or download the form here.  Artists accepted for exhibition must sign a contract and pay the gallery fee to secure their exhibition.  Selected artists will be contacted well in advance of their show dates.

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