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Considering colour



October 2nd to 29th, 2018




Six Squamish artists converge and disperse, exploring disparate themes and materials with a central consideration – colour!


Although colour is always at the forefront of Zoe Evamy’s paintings, she has an additional focus to her latest work – texture. “Working on Yupo, a synthetic, waterproof paper, forces me to take a new approach to painting with watercolours. On Yupo paper, the paint dries through evaporation rather than absorption (normally associated with working on traditional cotton, sized watercolour paper). As a result, the pigment dries on the surface, giving a richer, colourful appearance, and through a combination of pooling, blotting, lifting and glazing, some surprising textural effects can be achieved.” Evamy admits that this material allows her to be more experimental with a painterly approach and the ability to make adjustments by wiping clean entire sections of the page. These explorations are a progression into a new body of work based on her recent holiday in Cornwall, UK. 


Acrylic painter Toby Jaxon deems herself a colour specialist often referencing colour theory, which is both the science and art of colour. She says, “I typically choose the initial base colour from the opposite side of the colour wheel from the main subject colour, considering the complimentary colour adjacencies. The simplified end result is that the in-line colours create a dynamic vibrating effect that challenges the viewer’s experience while the under-painting sporadically pops through persuading unification of the entire piece. And my personal challenge is using the colour red which I strongly dislike and rarely paint with. The problem is that I love the colour green (which represents the color of life, renewal, energy, and is associated with harmony and the environment) and it is the compliment to red so I decided that I needed to confront my ‘red’ demon.”


Clay artist Jan Phelan is inspired by the magic, music and beauty of nature and she can easily meet a theme objective that considers colour. With collections entitled ‘Meadow Green’, ‘Terra Cotta’ and ‘Blue Velvet’ you can almost taste the lusciousness in her custom colours. Each piece and all processes are done entirely by hand by Phelan, from the original design, through to the last luster firing. She draws and cuts the design into the soft clay. Next come the stains, oxides, glazes and lusters, applied in layers, (including 22K gold) and fired multiple times to achieve richness and depth creating a vibrant variation of colour.


Metal artist Fran Solar woven vessels, hanging panels and her newest creased creations dubbed ‘Rumpled Inspirations’! These vertical wall hangings are initially created flat on a loom and then subsequently shaped by hand into deep vertical folds. “Through this intuitive process everything changes and magical things start to happen. As I bend and twist the copper panel, its surface takes on an exciting energy which amplifies the colours, textures and patterns of the work.”, Solar says. The flatness is transformed, creating colourful illuminated curves, and the metal wall sculptures emerge with dynamic and vibrant surfaces.

Jewellery artist Susan Remnant also looks to the world of nature, with its colour, irregular geometry, sensuous repetition and intricate detail. She says, “Growth patterns are constantly changing in response to environmental influences. These responses reveal clues to history and a connection to the past that tell a story and evoke a character specific to each individual. The jewellery objects that I make reflect this individuality and represent the varied and often unexpected beauty found in nature. Using an interplay of texture, colour, shape and form I explore the relationships of these elements and their infinite possibilities. The forms that structure my pieces represent not only what is seen but also what is not. I envision them as containers yet what they hold is a mystery, like a seed that has not yet revealed its secrets. The surfaces are enriched with patinas and enamel which, like a shell, is both fragile and protective.”


Sculptor/painter Maciek Walentowicz’s current body of work focuses on sculptural constructions that include various materials and colourful finishes.

He says, “In an ongoing conversation with the materials I observe nuances that I could not have predicted. Light and shadow play a role in my work and the sculptures change as they are viewed from different angles and in different environments. There is a sense of discovery along the way and it is through the process of making that meanings are revealed. It is a journey that takes me on a path into the unknown.”


Meet the artists at their Opening Reception Wednesday, October 3, 6-7:30pm

Enjoy refreshments, nibblies and art!

Everyone welcome.


Zoë Evamy – water media

Toby Jaxon – acrylic expressions

Jan Phelan – ceramics & fired gold

Susan Remnant – enamel jewellery

Fran Solar – unique woven metal

Maciek Walentowicz – narrative sculptures



Meet the Artists at their Opening Reception: October 3rd, 6-7:30pm


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