Foyer Gallery


February 6 – March 5, 2018

Walls: Andy Anissimoff, ‘Surfacing’, original acrylic paintings

Cases: Dee-Ann LeBlanc, ‘Fantastical Creatures & Forest Spirits’,

mixed media jewels & prints

Style Semblance

By Toby Jaxon
Foyer Gallery Curator

Local painter Andy Anissimoff claims to be an interpretive landscape realism artist but what is ‘real’ are his subjects that are ‘really’ illuminated in a wildly graphic stylized interpretation. Although his pieces have the common sequence of local imagery, ranging from wildlife portraits to vistas and mountain ranges, his paintings are distinctly characterised by a fresh limited palette, which means painting with fewer colours. Anissimoff’s secret painting method (well it’s not so secret) provides easy colour harmonies, more control over colour mixing and greater balance through the painting. He utilizes warm yellows and cooler turquoise colours that work more effectively to achieve tonal contrast rather than adding more colour.

Anissimoff’s inspiration for the art is the image itself and the surfaces of those representations. He says, “The possibilities offered compositionally by an image are endless and I am exploring that in this series. I am trying to simplify the landscape or subject into its core compositional attributes. It is all about a clean graphic composition with an optimum flow. Lawren Harris led me in his direction.”

Originally trained as an industrial designer, Anissimoff has since shifted his creative drive into art. He specializes in large scale works, but paints in all sizes and is known for his prominent vivid compositions.

Anissimoff is a regular at the Farmers Markets presenting his paper and canvas prints. He does most of his creating in a beautifully laid out 2100 sq. ft. gallery and studio in Garibaldi Highlands where he permanently exhibits an extensive collection of his original and hand detailed limited edition Giclee reproductions.


Creator Dee-Ann LeBlanc is entranced by wavy lines and curls in her mixed media art, blending both digital and traditional media with fine art paintings and objects. ‘Fantastical Creatures’ includes wire sculptures and pendants embellished with jewels anchored by LeBlanc’s Forest Spirit series of digital prints and cards. As part of tying her eclectic collection of practices together she creates wire pieces inspired by the fantastical figures in her paintings.

“I love the stories evoked by a piece, and using methods that tap the subconscious in order to break through my nasty overthinking habit”, says LeBlanc. She creates her surreal, squiggly free-flowing creatures by intuitively blowing ink onto a prepared canvas and then interpreting the unique result and developing the rest of the painting around that focal concept.

Then, inspired by ‘Tree of Life’ pendants, Leblanc realized that she had her own forest-themed creature so she transitioned her strange shapes into wire sculpture. This added the challenge of the translation into three dimensional versions, each with its own mood, proportions and personality. “I’ve always loved fantasy and the supernatural, so I immediately fell in love with the idea of making unique beings. From there, it’s been in part a lot of trial and error, and a lot of fingertips stabbed by wire”, she jokes!

Developing her skillset and style, LeBlanc recently took her certification in Fine Art Techniques from Emily Carr which included cohesive exploration in drawing, painting, and sculpting, integrating different techniques. LeBlanc admits, “I love learning new techniques (maybe a little too much). Every time I learn some new form of making art I want to use it immediately! I also adore good food, dogs, my long-suffering husband, and the rare sense of peace I get from doing yoga.”


Exhibition runs February 6th – March 5th, 2018 

 Call for Artists

The Foyer Gallery at the Squamish Public Library is a contemporary space dedicated to the exhibition of excellent artwork. It is located in the entrance to the Squamish Public Library. Purchases can be made through the staff. The gallery supports large wall works as well as smaller works suitable for display in three elegant glass display cases. Submissions from artists in all disciplines are invited for future juried exhibitions in the Foyer Gallery at the Squamish Public Library. We are booking now for the 2018/2019 season.

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