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August 7th  – September 3rd, 2018


Walls: Anne Languedoc, ‘Moments of Grace’, oil paintings


Cases: Lise Hamilton, ‘Lost & Found…Discovered & Retold’, mixed media



Reiterated Discoveries

By Toby Jaxon
Foyer Gallery Curator

Artist Anne Languedoc exhibits ‘Moments of Grace’, a conceptual reflection on the power of love which falls into our lives, transforming difficult moments into responsive spiritual resilience. Languedoc is granting the viewer permission to experience an elevated emotional state of wonder. In this series of oils she explores the relationships of defined areas — developed shallow pictorial space composed of flat, lyrical shapes with hard edges, utilizing energizing high chroma colour!

Languedoc discloses, “It’s really about connecting to a much higher power that can help guide and teach our physical experience. It’s the ‘aha!’ moments that come from discovering through serendipity a beautiful combination of colour, shape or line. For me, painting is all about energy and intentionality. It’s a meditative process that asks me to slow down and pay attention.”

Creativity has always been a big part of Languedoc’s existence with early explorations in drawing and painting. “A few years ago I battled a life-threatening illness that forced me to really re-evaluate the direction of my life. I realized that I had some major regrets around not tapping into my creativity. I realized that I was not using my talents to their fullest potential,” Languedoc admits. This became the catalyst for her decision to shift her career path and go back to school to obtain a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Emily Carr University of Art and Design. She is currently a third-year student in the Critical and Cultural Practice Major with a focus on painting.

Languedoc describes her creative process: “The paintings for ‘Moments of Grace’ all started with absolutely no preconceived idea or imagery. They started out as automatic sketches in which the formal elements are added and subtracted alternatively until a composition that is harmonious and interesting emerges. Spontaneity drives the image at this stage. I am really fully engaged in the materials and the act of painting itself. This process allows me to mine the inscapes of my experience without judgement of censorship. It’s a search for the truth.”

As an artist, Languedoc explores the possibilities for emancipation of a collective creative consciousness and sees her role as an agent of social change within the field of human potential and awareness. Nature is where she finds refuge for her soul and living in Squamish provides her with abundant inspiration for her visual practice.


In the foyer cases Lise Hamilton presents ‘Lost & Found…Discovered & Retold’, a curious and unexpected assemblage of fiber art, jewelry, paintings on boards, doodles on bones, mixed media sculpture and wall relief. Hamilton truly is a mixed media artist – searching for the obscure, contemplating materials that do not confine her and looking for that illusive open door! Her broad inspirations are nature and “just things I come across. I seem to be able to sense a further life with what I find.” she says, “…and then a piece will speak to me as I work it.”

Hamilton has been creating since she can remember but over the years her artwork has evolved, “Well let’s just say that my use of art materials has a greater vocabulary. I like to experiment and not use the materials for what they were intended. I don’t think I could stick to just one medium.”

Hamilton admits that her great passion (other than art) is travel, “I love to be on the road, however, I have to have a home base considering all the materials I collect for my projects. It does become a conflict. When I am away I get inspired and I need to get home to start creating again. My hands yearn to get moving again.”

Hamilton often uses juxtapositions or combinations of materials that seem perplexing – she feels that the less intended they are made to be together the better!

Her creative stimulation for this particular series stems from a love of looking beyond the obvious which means she is a consummate collector, expanding her acquisitions at every turn. And where is she headed? “I would like to work more within the line of fabric. I love the act of sewing. However, drawing and painting while tuning into podcasts and TV docs are the best!” Hamilton divulges. “This exhibit is a little bit of everything. There is the element of discovery for myself and for those who care to look.”


Bio  Lise Hamilton has been creating and reconstructing for as long as she can remember with everything and anything she could find and lay her hands on.

“I find it difficult to focus on one aspect of the art world, this is probably why my work has become the combination of so many different materials”.

Originally from Montreal, when she came to BC in ‘76 she decided to indulge herself and pursue the interest that she has been fascinated with all her life. Opportunity was calling and she enrolled at Langara College in their 2-year certificate program. Afterwards she attended Emily Carr and graduated in drawing and mixed media. She returned later to complete her Bachelor of Fine Art Degree.

Hamilton has lived in Squamish for over 30 years.  Art has always been part of her life but often shoved to the back burner. Today with children grown and working part time there is more time to spend in her studio and focus on what inspires her.

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